Bone Grafting

Bone grafting at Wicker Park Dental Studio is an essential procedure for patients in Chicago who require dental implants but lack sufficient jawbone density to support them.

Why Is Bone Grafting Important for Dental Implants?

Bone grafting is crucial for:

  • Providing a stable foundation for dental implants.
  • Restoring lost bone due to gum disease, tooth loss, or injury.
  • Improving the appearance and structure of the jaw where bone loss has occurred.

What Types of Bone Grafts Are Available?

We offer several bone grafting options, including:

  • Autografts: Using bone from your own body, typically the chin or hip.
  • Allografts: Using donor bone from a bone bank.
  • Xenografts: Using bone from another species, often bovine.
  • Synthetic Options: Biocompatible synthetic materials.

What Is the Bone Grafting Procedure Like?

The procedure generally involves:

  • Local anesthesia to ensure comfort.
  • Placing the bone graft material into the area where bone is needed.
  • Using membranes and other techniques to stabilize the graft and promote healing.
  • A healing period before placing dental implants.

What to Expect During Recovery from Bone Grafting?

Recovery may involve:

  • Some discomfort and swelling, managed with medications.
  • A soft food diet for a few days.
  • Adherence to specific post-operative care instructions for optimal healing.

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Prepare for Dental Implants with Bone Grafting

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