Oral Surgery

Oral surgery at Wicker Park Dental Studio encompasses a range of procedures performed with precision and care, ensuring the best possible outcomes for our patients in Chicago.

What Types of Oral Surgery Do We Offer?

Our oral surgery services include:

  • Tooth extractions, including wisdom teeth removal.
  • Dental implant placement.
  • Bone grafting and jaw surgeries.
  • Gum grafting and periodontal surgeries.
  • Corrective surgeries for bite and jaw alignment.

How Do You Prepare for Oral Surgery?

Preparation for oral surgery may involve:

  • Undergoing a comprehensive dental and medical evaluation.
  • Discussing anesthesia options and any allergies or medical conditions.
  • Arranging for someone to drive you home post-surgery.
  • Following specific pre-operative instructions provided by your surgeon.

What Is the Recovery Process Like After Oral Surgery?

Recovery varies depending on the procedure but generally includes:

  • Adhering to post-operative care instructions to promote healing.
  • Taking prescribed medications for pain management and infection prevention.
  • Following a soft diet and avoiding strenuous activities as recommended.
  • Attending follow-up appointments for assessment and further care.

How Do We Ensure Your Comfort During Oral Surgery?

Your comfort is our priority. We offer various sedation options, use state-of-the-art techniques for pain management, and provide thorough post-operative instructions for a smooth recovery.

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